Vietnam Vietnam legislated implementation of energy labeling for laptops

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) of Vietnam enacted the “Decision No. 973/QD-BCT on announcement of an energy efficiency standard applicable to the Energy Labeling Program” on April 19, 2019, which came into effect on the same date. The decision is a document to apply the “national standard TCVN 11848:2017 on energy efficiency for laptops”. TCVN 11848:2017 establishes energy efficiency levels and methods of measuring energy consumption for laptops. The definition of regulated laptops is specified in 4.1.2 of TCVN 11847:2017, which is the national standard that establishes testing method about energy efficiency.

According to Article 2 of Decision No. 973/QD-BCT, the Department of Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development of MOIT shall receive the registration document for the application of energy labels for laptops, and guide its application. This rules is subject to the “Circular No. 36/2016/TT-BCT on energy labeling for means and equipment using energy”. 

Manufacturers or importers shall prepare a set of registration documents on energy labeling as follows before placing the laptop on the Vietnamese market:

  1. An announcement on display of energy label
  2. Test results that have been issued by a testing organization for registered product models
  3. Documents to prove that a foreign laboratory meets the requirements (In the case of energy labeling tests conducted by the foreign laboratory)
  4. Samples of energy label to be displayed

After manufacturers or importers has submitted the set of registration documents for energy labeling, the company shall put the energy label on the product by itself following to the information in the submitted documents. The manufacturers or importers are responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the declaration on energy labeling.

The original text of the Decision No. 973/QD-BCT can be downloaded below:

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