Vietnam Additional nomination to NCI in Vietnam

Deadline set on May 30, 2020

On April 6, 2020, Vietnam Chemical Agency(VINACHEMIA) of Ministry of Industry and Trade(MOIT) published Official Document No. 288/HC-ATHC for enterprises engaged in chemical-related activities, and called an additional nomination for information to be provided to the National Chemicals Inventory (which will be an existing chemicals list in Vietnam).

In accordance with the MOIT’s Decision 3783/QD-BCT on the Program for developing of new regulations in 2020 enacted by MOIT on December 19, 2019, the VINACHEMIA will publish the Decree on the National Chemicals Inventory and the Management of New Chemicals and is also responsible for establishing the National Chemicals Database and the National Chemicals Inventory. As a result, 36,777 substances have been applied for the draft of the National Chemical Inventory (hereinafter referred to as the NCI draft) based on information collected from companies by March 1, 2020.

The original text of this official document can be downloaded from the following URL:


Additional nomination

In order to fully collect information on chemical substances used in Vietnam, including import, export and manufacturing and to encourage enterprises to review the NCI draft and apply for and register additional substances, VINACEMIA have started an additional nomination for information and opinions as follows:

  • Application deadline: May 30, 2020
  • URL: the site of the National Chemicals Database:
  • Required information and documents: chemical name, CAS number, safety data sheet (MSDS), evidence of use in Vietnam (such as sales contract or receipt)

A guideline detailing the nominating of chemicals to the NCI are available at the following URL:


Questions and Answers to VINACHEMIA

A staff of E&H Co., Ltd., which is one of subsidiaries of EnviX, called a governmental official of VINACHEMIA and received the following response

Q. If enterprises import chemicals for use in their own factories, they do not have receipts or other documentation. In such case, what document is suitable as an evidence?
A. If they don’t have a sales contract or a receipt, they can provide documents (such as an invoice at the time of import) to prove your import into Vietnam.

Q. In the case of mixtures, how do they apply?
A. Please prepare the information and documents of the mixture, including its SDS and evidence, then, nominate each ingredient with the documents.

Q. How do they apply for CBI ingredients in mixtures?
A. Ingredients that are not listed in its SDS are not eligible for the application. Therefore, it is necessary to provide information on the CBI separately.

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