China China, Jiangsu Province announced the Water Protection Regulation in five important water areas

On June 17, 2020, the Local Government of Jiangsu Province announced the Water Protection Regulation of Jiangsu, which came into force on August 1, 2020.


Definition of water

The word “water(s)” used in the regulation refers to rivers (including estuary water), lakes, dams, reservoirs, and irrigation channels, but does not mean sea, farms that are used as fish pond or agricultural waterways. The word “estuary water” is the marine water with rivers flowing into it and water area with the river bed which is not clearly identified.   


Five important water areas

The regulation specifies five important water areas, which include:

  1. River roads, lake bodies and dam which are included in the Jiangsu Main River Road List or Jiangsu Lake Conservation List approved by the government.
  2. First-class, second-class, and quasi-class areas in intensive drinking water sources.
  3. Fishery genetic resources protected water areas and natural reserve water areas. 
  4. Maintenance area of river road with clear water and important wetland.
  5. The other protected waters prescribed by laws, regulations or rules.

The regulation stipulates that, the specific list of above important water areas will be announced after the department of water with related departments such as department of natural resources, department of ecology and environment, department of transport, department of agriculture and rural affairs, and department of forestry identifies the areas, reports the result to the local government and obtains the permission. 

It also clearly prescribed that the list will include name, location, type, area, and main functions of each water, and functions of each water should correspond with the contents of “Jiangsu Province Surface Water (Environmental) Function Zone”. 

In addition, a control network and a framework of grid management for important water areas will be established by the department of water.


Legal liability

Illegal behavior such as neglect of duty, abuse of authority, or misconduct in the work of protecting water by staffs of local governments will be punished under the law.


Regulation’s purpose

According to the speech by the department of water of Jiangsu province, the promulgation of the regulation is important in order to: 

  1. strengthen protection of waters, 
  2. improve functions of waters,
  3. promote ecosystem environment of waters, 
  4. fulfill conservation goals on protection for reduction of water area and water function, 
  5. secure sustainable economic and social development. 

The original Chinese text of the “the Water Protection Regulation of Jiangsu” can be download by the Jiangsu People’s Government link below.

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