China China promulgated Detailed Rules for Implementation of State Supervision on Sampling Test for Quality of 131 types of product

In order to build an open, transparent, fair and impartial supervision and management environment by further standardizing the work of state supervision on sampling test for product quality, the Directorate General of National Market Supervision, in accordance with the Measures for management of supervising and sampling test of product quality, announced the Detailed Rules for implementation of state supervision on sampling test for quality of 131 types of product on July 31, 2020.

Local supervisory sampling operations may be implemented by referring to the Detailed Rules.

Each of the Detailed Rules is finely defined for the inspection method and inspection items about individual products, and consists of the three parts: the sampling test method, the test basis, and the rule for judgment.

The above-mentioned 131 types of product include products in a wide range of fields, such as home appliances, hot water washing toilet seats, and automotive brake linings. Names of some products are listed below.


Electronic appliances

  1. Household appliances(22 items): refrigerators, room air conditioners, household electric washing machines, water storage water heaters, heat pump water heaters, electric ovens and pottery appliances, range hoods, electromagnetic cookers, room heaters, electric kettles, tableware storage, fans, electric blankets, massagers, kitchen equipment, dishwashers, electric hand warmers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, clothing equipment, air purifiers, skin care and hair care beauty equipment.
  2. Electronic products (5 items): AC adapters, active speakers, color TVs, LCD monitors, and mobile batteries.
  3. Lighting light sources and lighting fixtures (3 items): fixed general-purpose lighting fixtures, LED control devices, and bulb-shaped LED lamps.


Light industrial products

  1. Household gas appliances (3 items): Household gas instant water-heater, household gas stove, gas heating water-heater.
  2. Other light industrial products (4 items): bicycles, electric bicycles, firecrackers, and simple toilets.

In addition, the following is a part of the contents of the “Detailed Rules for National Supervision Sampling Inspection Implementation Regarding Product Quality of Refrigerators”, and their “Sampling Method” and “Test Basis” are indicated as below.

Extraction method

-Products sold by the producers and sellers to be tested are to be randomly chosen as sample.

-Three samples are taken from each batch of products; two of which are used as test samples and one as a preliminary sample.

Test basis (only part)

No. Test item Test method
1 Protection against contact with live parts GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.13-2014
2 Input power and current GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.13-2014
3 Leakage current and electrical strength at operating temperature GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.13-2014
4 Moisture resistance GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.13-2014
5 Leakage current and electric strength GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.13-2014
6 Stability and mechanical hazards GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.13-2014
7 Mechanical strength GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.13-2014
8 Structure GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.13-2014
9 Internal wiring GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.13-2014
10 Power connection and external flex cable GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.13-2014

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