China China released Inventory for Import Permit Management Goods

On December 31, 2021, China’s Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of Customs released the 2022 edition “Inventory for Import Permit Management Goods” (Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 2021-49). The inventory took effect on January 1, 2022. According to the “Regulations on the Administration of Import and Export of Goods”, the goods listed in the above inventory that are subject to permit management must submit an application to the relevant department of the State Council, obtain a permit, and then go through customs clearance procedures. The 2022 version of the inventory released this time includes a total of 14 categories of goods. The table below shows a breakdown of the above 14 categories and examples of some of the goods.

The original text of the “Inventory for Import Permit Management Goods” can be found at the following URL


No Goods type Goods example
1 ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances) Trichlorofluoromethane, HFC, etc.
2 Chemical industry equipment Liquefaction equipment, etc.
3 Metal smelting equipment Equipment for metal smelting and casting, etc.
4 heavy machinery Tire hoists, etc.
5 Lifting and transporting equipment Gantry cranes, etc.
6 Paper manufacturing facilities Paper or paperboard machines, etc.
7 Power and electrical equipment AC generator, etc. with output of more than 750 kVA and less than 350MVA
8 Food processing and packaging equipment Equipment for filtering or purifying beverages, etc.
9 Agricultural Machinery Harvesters with more than 160horsepower (or less), etc.
10 Printing Machinery Aniline printing machine, etc.
11 Spinning machines Machines for leather treatment or processing, etc.
12 Ship High-speed passenger ships, etc.
13 Toner cartridge Toner cartridges including image drum cartridges and image drum cartridges for printers and copiers
14 X-ray tube X-ray tube


The original text of the above Inventory can be viewed at the following URL (in simplified Chinese).

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