China China announces plan to improve energy efficiency of electric motors for 2021–2023 period

China announces plan to improve energy efficiency of electric motors for 2021–2023 period

On November 22, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and State Administration for Market Regulation jointly announced a plan to improve the energy efficiency of electric motors during the 2021–2023 period. Here is an overview of the plan.

Main targets

  • Increase the production of energy-efficient motors to 170 million kW per year by 2023
  • Increase the proportion of energy-efficient motors among all motors in use to at least 20 percent by 2023
  • Reduce annual power consumption by 49 billion kWh (15 million tons in standard coal equivalent and 28 million tons in carbon dioxide equivalent) by 2023
  • Promote core materials, parts, technologies and equipment of energy-efficient motors
  • Nurture key companies with a competitive advantage
  • Promote high-quality development of the motor industry

Key objectives

  1. Increase the green supply of energy-efficient motors
    • Build up green design capability
    • Increase environmental consciousness concerning basic materials and parts of motors
    • Increase the green production of motors steadily
  1. Expand energy-efficient motor industry chains
    • Accelerate innovation in motor manufacturing and operation systems
    • Promote efficient remanufacturing of motors
  2. Accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient motors
    • Modify motors in use to make them energy-efficient
    • Promote energy-efficient motors
  1. Promote intelligent and digital systems for motor manufacturing and operation
    • Promote intelligent systems for motor manufacturing and operation
    • Promote digital systems for motor manufacturing and operation

Implementation measures

The government makes the most of existing mechanisms of funding in energy conservation, carbon emissions reduction and other areas to support key motor energy efficiency projects.

Industry groups and companies are encouraged to prepare a special implementation plan and carry it out in a comprehensive manner in accordance with the targets and objectives set out in the government’s plan while considering the circumstances of each area and company.

The government also takes the following measures to ensures the energy efficiency of motors:

  • Strictly enforce national standards for energy efficiency, including the “Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and values of efficiency grades for motors” (GB 18613-2020)
  • Increase compliance inspections to enforce the energy efficiency labeling regulations
  • Ban the purchase, use and production of motors designated by the government as products that should be eliminated
  • Conduct special industrial energy conservation oversight
  • Supervise motor users to ensure energy efficiency
  • Work with other government departments to demand, in accordance with the law, that companies get rid of motors that are not compliant with the mandatory energy efficiency standards


The full text of the plan (in simplified Chinese) is available at

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