China China issues standards for labeling of recyclable beverage cartons

China issues standards for labeling of recyclable beverage cartons

On October 22, the Beijing Alliance of Technological Innovation in Compulsory Resources Recycling Industry released a set of standards called Recycling Label for Beverage Carton Package, which was effective immediately. Here is an overview of the standards for recyclable beverage carton labeling.


The standards set out labeling requirements for recyclable beverage cartons and apply to airtight packaging for beverages that is made of cardboard laminated with plastic or other materials. Every beverage carton manufacturer and related beverage filling company is required to comply with the standards.

Contents of the standards


  1. Scope
  2. Reference standards
  3. Terms and definitions
  4. Beverage carton recycling labels
  5. Specific requirements

Appendix A (specifications) — Formats and specifications of beverage carton recycling labels

Appendix B (information for reference) — Calculation methods for the maximum surface area of packaging

Beverage carton recycling labels

Figure 1. Beverage carton recycling label (full version).
The Chinese text on the left side states, “Recyclable material,”
and the text on the right side, “Please clean the packaging and put it in a recycling bin after drinking.”

Figure 2. Beverage carton recycling label (standard version).

Figure 3. Beverage carton recycling label (simplified version).


If there is enough space on a beverage carton, it is desirable to display the full or standard version of the label in a conspicuous manner. If space is limited, the simplified version may be displayed on the bottom of the packaging.


The full text of the standards is available at

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