China China announced “Green-design product standards List” (Updated in March 2020)

In order to steadily enforce the request in ” Circular on constructing a green manufacturing system” and to promote the work of evaluating green design products, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of  China updated the “Green-design product standards list” to the latest version on March 9, 2020. In the future, the standards list will be updated on an irregular basis according to the progress of the work.

38 new standards were added to the 91 standards in the late last year’s edition (updated August 1, 2019). A total of 129 green design-related standards have been announced. This list is primarily related to the following industry sectors (the number is the total number of standards for each industry):

  • Petrochemical 17
  • Steel industry 9
  • Nonferrous metals 7
  • Building materials 5
  • Machinery 27
  • Light industries 27
  • Textile 12
  • Electronics 13
  • Telecommunications 9

Besides the standards listed above, the other 3 standards are “General Principles for Eco-Design Product Assessment”, “Labeling for Eco-Design Product” and “Technical Specification for Green-Design Product Assessment -Smart Toilet”. In addition to these 3 standards, the standards total 129.

The updated standards relevant to the electronics industry are as follows

  • “Technical specification for green-design product assessment-monitor” T/CESA 1068-2020
  • “Technical specification for green-design product assessment-smart terminal-head mounted device” T/CESA 1069-2020
  • “Technical specification for green-design product assessment-Printed circuit board” T/CESA 1070-2020
  • “Technical specification for green-design product assessment-Electromechanical elementary relays” T/CESA 1071-2020
  • “Technical specification for green-design product assessment-Toner cartridge” T/CESA 1072-2020
  • “Technical specification for green-design product assessment-organic photoconductive drum” T/CESA 1073-2020
  • “Technical specification for green-design product assessment-photovoltaic silicon wafer” T/CESA 1074-2020/T/PIA 0021-2020

In addition, the text of each standard can be read by clicking the name of each standard on the “List”.

Original text of the article can be viewed from the following URL (Simplified Chinese).

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