China China, “Measures on managing experts for technical review on disassembly and disposal of WEEE(trial)”

Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Technology Centre of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) in China promulgated the Circular of the “Measures on the management of experts for technical review of the disassembly and disposal of waste electrical and electronic products(WEEE) (trial)” on March 4, 2020. The measures specify the qualification requirements on experts responsible for the technical review on disassembly and disposal status, their professional responsibilities, confidentiality requirements, and public supervision, etc. The main contents are as follows.


Qualification Conditions

With regard to the qualification of the experts, it stipulates the requirement that they should be familiar with the national policies and management requirements and need to have at least 5 years of experience working in relevant fields such as finance, auditing, environment, electronics and consulting, etc.



The experts:

  1. participate in inspections and reviews of WEEE disassembly and disposal sites and provide relevant opinions and advice,
  2. provide technical consulting services in technical review on the disassembly and disposal status of WEEE, and
  3. undertake other WEEE environmental management services commissioned by Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Office of MEE and Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Technology Centre.


Situation avoiding their review work

The expert shall voluntarily avoid their review work if any of the following conditions are met.

  1. The main person or staff of the company performing the extraction inspection has expert’s relatives.
  2. The expert’s organization belongs to the same province as the company conducting the extractive inspection.
  3. The expert belongs to the same group of companies or has a cooperative relationship with the company performing the extraction inspection or, the expert has an economic interest in the company, e.g. he or she owns stocks of the company performing the extraction inspection.
  4. Personnel who have participated in provincial review on inspected companies in the same time period
  5. Other cases stipulated in laws and regulations

In addition, experts involved in the relevant work of the technical review of the dismantling of waste electrical appliances need to strictly follow the relevant confidentiality protection requirements and to sign the “Technical review experts confidentiality certification ” (attached to this Circular).

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