China China Announced Work Plan for National Standard Related to “Material declaration of electrical and electronic products”

China’s National public service platform for standards information announced the work plan for drafting the national standard, “Material declaration of electrical and electronic products – Requirements for declaration for certain hazardous substances”. It is made public from 7 to 21 in January, 2020.The main institutions responsible for drafting it are the Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection, China Quality Certification Center, Nanjing customs, and the European Electrical and Electronics Industry Office. The project duration of this standard is 24 months. The main contents of the standard are as follows:


Scope of application and main technical content

This standard specifies the basic requirements for the declaration of hazardous substances in the material declaration of electrical and electronic products, including the principle of determination of the substance to be declared, the principle for determining the reporting threshold, and the provisions on the content of declaration.

This standard applies to all companies related to the supply chain manufacturing electrical and electronic products. Both upstream, midstream and downstream companies can refer to this standard. In addition, it is also possible to refer to this standard during the work of declaring hazardous substances in materials of other related products.

The main technical content of this standard includes the technical terms on material declaration, the basic requirements for hazardous substance declarations, etc., in four chapters and one appendix. The appendix contains a reference list of declared hazardous substances, reporting thresholds, restricted uses and declaration principles, etc.


Purpose and significance for drafting this standard

The industrial chain of electrical and electronic products is long and has the feature of a clear division of labor. In order to prove the conformity for hazardous substances in the material to various stakeholders (governments, buyers and consumers, etc.) involved in trade, it is necessary to declare the status of hazardous substances in accordance with the unified format and requirements among upstream and downstream of the supply chain. In addition, by unifying the declaration of material and hazardous substances, the cost of the company can be suppressed, and the misunderstanding caused by different declarations can be reduced.

On the other hand, since electrical and electronic products are made from various materials, effective recycling of materials is important for resource circulation in the environment. During the recycling process, the processing company must know the information on hazardous substances in the product materials. Manufacturers also have a duty to obtain and grasp information on hazardous substances in product materials from upstream suppliers. By clarifying the requirements for the declaration of hazardous substances in materials in accordance with this standard, it is possible to communicate the presence of hazardous substances in the supply chain more effectively, reduce the overlapping measurements, and to improve the economic efficiency.

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