China China promulgated “Technical specification for green-design product assessment on commercial refrigerated cabinets”

On November 12, 2019, the China Industrial Green Products Promotion Association  and China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association promulgated the association Standard T/CAGP 0046-2019, ” Technical Specification for Green-Design Product Assessment Commercial Refrigerated Cabinets “. This standard has been implemented since the date of promulgation.

This standard specifies the request on evaluating the green-design product for the commercial refrigerator, the preparation and evaluation method of the life cycle evaluation report. The main contents are as follows.


Scope of application

  • This standard applies to the evaluation of green-design products for commercial refrigerators and applies to the following products:
  • Remote cooling display showcase
  • Commercial refrigerators for selling and displaying food
  • Closed type refrigerated beverage display units used in shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Commercial refrigerators (e.g., kitchen refrigerators, cooling storage boxes, refrigerated working tables), non-retail commercial refrigerators

Cooling vending machine, rapid cooling machine (case), rapid refrigerator (case), and non-food cooling showcase (e.g., constant temperature test box, ultra-low temperature showcase, medical refrigerator and blood bank refrigerator) are not applied to.

Some of the index name and requirements of chapter 4, “Evaluation Requests”, are listed below.


Request for commercial refrigerator evaluation index

Index name Unit Direction of  inequality sign Standard value Basis for judgment
Content of hazardous substances in products The product must meet GB/T26572 requirements Provide a table of the content of toxic and hazardous substance of materials, receive inspection based on GB/T26572, and provide inspection reports or exemption explanatory documents.
Recycling mark Recycling mark of products and parts meets the requirements of GB/T23384 Provides explanation of the use of the mark and related management explanatory documents
Packaging and packaging materials For paper boxes (bags), a mixed model using recycled paper as the preferred packaging material is recommended and shall meet the relevant requirements of GB/T31268. Provides a description of the ingredients of the material of the packaging paper
The total content of heavy metal, lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium in packaging and packaging materials must not exceed 100 mg/kg. Provide documents to prove
Display according to GB/T18455 Provide documents to prove
Recycling rate % 73 Provide documents to estimate and certify in accordance with GB/T32355.1
Energy efficiency indicators % Meeting the requirements of the National Standard for Energy Efficiency level 2 Receive the test based on GB 26920.1 and GB 26920.2 and provide test reports

This standard also specifies requirements for product lifecycle assessment reports, including the preparation method and content structure (basic information, conformity assessment, lifecycle assessment, and appendices).

The original text of the article, it can be viewed from the following URL (Simplified Chinese).

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