China China adds 6 substances to its catalog of precursor chemicals

China adds 6 substances to its catalog of precursor chemicals

According to an announcement of China’s National Medical Products Administration on August 25, the following six substances were added on September 20 to the Catalog of Classification and Types of Precursor Chemicals, an appendix to the Regulation on the Administration of Precursor Chemicals (易制毒化学品管理条例), after being approved by the State Council:

    • Methyl alpha-acetylphenylacetate
    • Alpha-phenylacetoacetamide
    • 3,4-MDP-2-P methyl glycidic acid
    • 3,4-MDP-2-P methyl glycidate
    • Benzyl cyanide
    • Gamma-butyrolactone

Of these chemicals, methyl alpha-acetylphenylacetate, alpha-phenylacetoacetamide, 3,4-MDP-2-P methyl glycidic acid and 3,4-MDP-2-P methyl glycidate are designated as Category II substances, and benzyl cyanide and gamma-butyrolactone as Category III under the regulation. Production, sale, purchase, transport and export of all these chemicals are subject to the requirements on non-pharmaceutical precursor chemicals. The tables below show their names, CAS Numbers and HS Codes.

Category II

Substance name CAS Number HS Code
Methyl alpha-acetylphenylacetate (MAPA) 16648-44-5 29183000.21
Alpha-phenylacetoacetamide (APAA) 4433-77-6 29242990.61
3,4-MDP-2-P methyl glycidic acid 2167189-50-4 29329990.93
3,4-MDP-2-P methyl glycidate 13605-48-6 29329990.93

Category III

Substance name CAS Number HS Code
Benzyl cyanide 140-29-4 29269090.81
Gamma-butyrolactone 96-48-0 29322090.31


The full text of the announcement (in simplified Chinese) is available at

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