China China’s Jiangsu Province issues air pollutant emission standard

China’s Jiangsu Province issues air pollutant emission standard

On May 14, the Department of Ecology and Environment and the Administration for Market Regulation of Jiangsu Province, China issued a local standard called the Integrated Emission Standard of Air Pollutants (DB32/4041-2021; the “Standard”). This standard, which includes VOC emission limits, came into effect on August 1. Here is an overview.



The Standard applies to air pollutant emissions from stationary pollution sources in Jiangsu Province. However, if there are other air pollutant emission standards set by the state or Jiangsu Province for certain industries or other targets, these standards apply instead of the Standard.

According to a source familiar with the matter, 40.6 percent or more of Jiangsu-based companies are subject to the Standard.


Emission limits (not all listed)

Newly-established companies must emit air pollutants in accordance with the limits in the table below from the Standard’s effective date onward, and existing companies from July 1, 2022 onward.

Pollutants Emission concentration limit Emission rate limit
Nitrogen oxides (NO2 equivalent) Combustion apparatus, stationary internal combustion engine, and engine production test 200 mg/m3
Others 100 mg/m3 0.47 kg/h
NMHCs Room painting in shipbuilding 70 mg/m3 7 kg/h
Others 60 mg/m3 3 kg/h
BTEX Preparation work and room painting in shipbuilding 45 mg/m3 4.5 kg/h
Others 25 mg/m3 1.6 kg/h


The emission limits in this table for “others“ of nitrogen oxides and “others” of BTEX are the strictest in China. The emission limit for “others” of NMHCs is the strictest in China after Beijing’s (50 mg/m3).


Special limits on fugitive emissions

Both newly-established and existing companies must meet the requirements in the table below from the Standard’s effective date onward.

Pollutants Special emission limit Description Position of the fugitive emission monitoring point
NMHCs 6 mg/m3 The limit on hourly average of concentration at the monitoring point Outside the factory building
20 mg/m3 The limit on concentration at the monitoring point at any given point of time


Other requirement on emission limits

If the stack is shorter than 15 m, the emission rate limit is set to 50 percent of the rate limit set out in the table above.


The full text of the Standard (in simplified Chinese) is available at

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