China China publishes accounting manual of pollutant generation and emission

On June 28,2021, Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China released the “Manual of accounting method and coefficient of generation and emission in emission source statistical investigation” (hereafter referred as “manual”). The “manual” classifies pollutant emission sources into five categories: industrial sources, agricultural sources, domestic sources, centralized pollution control facilities, and mobile sources, and stipulates calculation methods and coefficients for the generation and emission of each pollutant.


Manual of accounting method and coefficient of generation and emission for industrial source

  1. Application scope

The manual is applied to the investigation scope specified in the “System of emission source statistical investigation”, and the accounting of investigation object or investigation area carried out for the generation and discharge of industrial source.


  1. Accounting method

The industrial source adopts the method of combining the accounting of key investigation enterprises one by one and the accounting of non-key investigation enterprises on a regional basis. The total generation and emission pollutants of industrial source is equal to the sum of the generation and emission of key investigation enterprises and the generation and emission of non-key investigation enterprises.

For key investigation enterprises, there are two accounting methods, the monitoring data method and the generation emission coefficient method. If the monitoring data meets the normative requirements, the monitoring data method should be preferentially adopted.

For non-key investigation enterprises, the major pollutants in wastewater are the accounting object. The pollutants in exhaust gas are combined into the total amount of domestic pollutants. And general industrial solid waste and hazardous waste are not accounted for non-key investigation enterprises.


  1. Coefficient manual

The coefficient manual includes pollutant generation and emission coefficient manuals for more than 200 industrial industries such as coal mining, steel, electroplating, electronic and electrical equipment and etc.

The pollutant generation and emission coefficient manuals of each industry include “wastewater and exhaust gas emission coefficient table”, “solid waste discharge coefficient table” and “pollution prevention technology and efficiency table”, and the types of pollutants and coefficients for each workshop section are specified.

  • Workshop section: Refers to a section within a factory that is subdivided by the production process. For example, the electronic and electrical equipment manufacturing industry is divided into several “workshop sections” such as welding, printing, spraying, and etching.


For the original text of the above “manual”, please refer to the following URL (in simplified Chinese).

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