China China Chemical Safety Association publishes industry standards for production safety

China Chemical Safety Association on June 16 released two sets of safety standards for the chemical industry, both effective immediately:

  • Guide for Safe Production Information Management in Chemical Enterprise (T/CCSAS010—2021)
  • Guidelines of Safety Assessment for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Laboratories (T/CCSAS011—2021)


These standards have been introduced to reduce accidents at chemical manufacturing facilities and chemical laboratories. Here is an overview of the Guide for Safe Production Information Management in Chemical Enterprise:



The standards for production safety information management apply to companies manufacturing, using, dealing with or storing chemicals.


Basic requirements

  • Companies are required to establish a production safety information management system and prepare a production safety information role assignment table (安全生产信息职能分配表). The sample of this table provided in Appendix A of the guide (originally in Chinese) is shown below:


Information category Information name Division in charge
Identification and collection File storage File updating
Chemical hazard
Manufacturing process
Equipment or facility


  • Divisions in charge collect, organize and keep all types of production safety information according to their assigned roles to prepare a production safety information list (安全生产信息清单).


Examples of production safety information

Here are a few examples of chemical hazard information, one of the production safety information categories in the production safety information role assignment table:

  • Toxicity (e.g. carcinogenicity and skin corrosivity)
  • Permissible exposure limits (e.g. occupational exposure limits [OELs])
  • Physical parameters (e.g. viscosity, density and pH)


The full text of the standards (in simplified Chinese) is available at

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