China China, Practical Manual about countermeasure of VOC for 14 industries

Including Paints, Ink and Automotive Manufacturing

On July 2, 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China released the “Practical Manual about countermeasure of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)” for 14 industries, which include:

  1. Paint, ink and adhesive manufacturing
  2. Automotive vehicle (completed car) manufacturing
  3. Furniture manufacturing
  4. Other industrial coating
  5. Plastic package printing
  6. Metal package printing
  7. Paper package printing

The following is an overview of the “Manual” for “Paints, Inks and Adhesives Manufacturing”.


Part 1, VOC Emission Control Guidelines

This part explains laws and technologies related to reduction at the source, process control, measures at terminals, emission limit values, monitoring, ledger records, etc.


Part 2: VOC Emission Control Standards and main Points of the Content

The standards related to VOC emission control are listed in the “Manual”, and the main points of the contents are described in a Q&A format, an example of which is shown as follow:

Q: What is a low VOC ink?
A: A low VOC ink product usually include aqueous ink, offset ink, energy ray curing ink, and engraving intaglio ink. For the limit values of the VOC content, please refer to “Table 1” of “Technical requirement for low-volatile-organic-compound-content coatings product” (GB/T 38597-2020).

For example, the limit value of VOC content in intaglio ink (absorbent printed matter) of the water-based ink specified in “Table 1” of “GB/T 38597-2020” is 15% or less.


Part 3: How to select VOC terminal countermeasure technology, and requirements of operation and maintenance

This part explains the scope of the countermeasure technologies, the operation and maintenance of the countermeasure facility, and the ledger record for the countermeasure facility.


Part 4 VOC Emission Monitoring Technical Guidelines

This part explains the determination of contents, indicators and frequency of monitoring, installation requirements for outlets of pollutants, monitoring requirements, and monitoring records of pollutants.

The “Practical Manual about countermeasure of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)” for 14 industries can be viewed from the following URL (Simplified Chinese).

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