China China establishes guidelines for assessing easy-to-collect & easy-to-recycle design of plastic products

China establishes guidelines for assessing easy-to-collect & easy-to-recycle design of plastic products

On January 18, 2021, China National Resource Recycling Association(CRRA) released the group standard ” General guidelines for the evaluation of plastic products’ easy-to-collect & easy-to-recycle design” (T/CRRA 0302-2020). The standard defines evaluation indicators for plastic products’ easy-to-collect & easy-to-recycle design and will take effect on February 1, 2021. The outline of the standard is as follows.


Group Standard

A standard established by a relevant social group (non-profit organization), which is adopted by its members based on their agreements or announced to the public and voluntarily adopted in accordance with the organization’s regulations.


Scope of application

The standard specifies the evaluation index system and evaluation methods for easy-to-collect & easy-to-recycle design and is applicable to the guidance and evaluation process of easy-to-collect & easy-to-recycle design of plastic products.

The standard does not apply to biodegradable plastic products and plastic products on the National Hazardous Waste List.


Evaluation index system

They are categorized into first-grade evaluation indicators and second-grade evaluation indicators. The main evaluation indicators are as follows (either quantitative or qualitative indicators are adopted depending on the current status of the industry).

  • Main material
  • Auxiliary material
  • Easy collection
  • Easy regeneration
  • Environmental compatibility and safety

According to Wang Yonggang, secretary-general of the Recycled Plastics Branch of China National Resource Recycling Association, the current variety of plastic products in terms of materials, colors, and shapes makes it difficult to collect waste plastic. In response to this situation, the above-mentioned standard was enacted in order to further increase the collection and recycling rate of waste plastic. The “General guideline” standards released this time will be applied to general plastic products. According to those involved, it is expected that more detailed guideline standards will be established in the future.

※    Up to April 2021, the original text of the above group standard is still unavailable for viewing.

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