China China reveals national plan on supervision and sampling inspection for product quality during 2021

On March 25, 2021, State Administration for Market Regulation of China released the “2021 National Supervision and Sampling Inspection Plan for Product Quality”. The inspection will focus on consumer products for people’s daily life and Supplies for special people, with emphasis on safety indicators and key performance indicators. A total of 137 types of products are included in the inspection scope of the announced inspection plan, and the number of products in each product category is as follows

    • Electrical and electronic products 36 types
    • Agricultural production materials 6 types
    • Construction and decoration materials 19 types
    • Electrical engineering and material products 7 types
    • Machinery and security products 23 types
    • Daily necessities and textile products 20 types
    • Durable consumer goods 14types
    • Food-related products 12 types


Of these, the following products are included in the “electrical and electronic products”.

    1. Home appliances (20 types): room air conditioners, refrigerators, household electric washing machines, hot water storage heaters, room heaters, range hoods, kitchen appliances, dishwashers, induction cookers, electric kettles, electric ovens and baking appliances, electric blankets, dehumidifiers, dish sterilizers, skin and hair care products, massage products products, steam irons, air purifiers, humidifiers, electric hot water bottles
    2. Electronic products (13 types): power adapters, active speakers, color TVs, LCD monitors, drive recorders, mobile power supplies, microcomputers, laptops, scanners, servers, routers, beauty equipment, mobile phones for the elderly
    3. Lighting sources and lamps (3 types): fixed general-purpose lighting fixtures, LED control devices, bulb-type LED lamps

“Mechanical and security products” include the following products

    1. Vehicle-related products (10 types): brake linings for automobiles, tires for automobiles, brake hoses, seat belts for automobiles, external lighting and optical signal devices for automobiles, helmets for motorcycles, brake fluid for automobiles, engine lubricating oil, aqueous urea solution for automobiles, gasoline cleaning agent for automobiles
    2. Explosion-proof electrical (3 types): Explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof electrical equipment
    3. Occupational protective equipment (4 types): non-medical masks, safety belts, safety nets, helmets
    1. Safety technology protection products (6 types): locking device, electronic lock, hazardous chemical packaging (metal tanks, cans), hazardous chemical packaging (drums), hazardous chemical packaging (aerosol agent packaging), RMB identification machine

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