China Beijing, China, releases “Technical specification on grid monitored assessment for particulate matter ”

Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation released a local standard “Technical specification for grid monitored ambient air particulate matter assessment” (DB11/T 1819-2021) On March 29, 2021. The standard will take effect on July 1, 2021.

The standard is the first local standard to stipulate assessment methods for grid monitoring of air quality and will be applied to the assessment of particulate matter under the Beijing Three-Year Action Plan for Blue Sky Defense. The following is a summary of the standard.

Definition of terms

Grid monitoring

A method of classifying a target area into different grids according to various regulatory requirements and environmental characteristics and conducting real-time monitoring of the concentration of the relevant pollutants in each grid.

Scope of application

Assessment and management of ambient air particulate matter in each administrative region covered by grid monitoring.

Evaluation items

Total Suspended Particulates (TSP)



Evaluation method

Concentration evaluation

Ranking evaluation

Data Statistics Requirement

Statistics of average concentration values for a minimum of 45 minutes per hour, 20 hours per day, 27 days per month, 81 days per quarter, and 324 days per year.

For the original text of the above standard, please refer to the following URL (in simplified Chinese)