China China’s Hainan Province issues circular on 2021 objectives for EV charging infrastructure construction

China’s Hainan Province issues circular on 2021 objectives for EV charging infrastructure construction

The Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission on March 2, 2021 issued a Circular on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Construction in 2021 (the “Circular”). It conveys the province’s resolution to strongly promote charging infrastructure construction through various measures in 2021 to achieve the main annual goal set by the provincial government: to lower the ratio of electric vehicles to charging piles below 2.5:1 in the province.

Here are the important construction objectives set out in the Circular:

  • Set up 10,000 new charging piles across the province within the year
  • Promote charging piles construction in residential areas
  • Promote charging infrastructure construction on expressways, in premises of the Communist Party and government bodies, and in corporate and business office areas
  • Promote construction of battery charging/swapping stations for electric vehicles
  • Continue the subsidy program for charging infrastructure construction while making the maximum effort to complete the second round of subsidy distribution by the end of September
  • Make full use of the charging infrastructure information management platform; further improve the functionality of the provincial platform to provide a useful service for companies and electric vehicle owners; Step up advertising of the provincial platform and the “Hainan Charging Piles” app to increase users, raise the platform’s access rate, and attain the goal of “making it possible to charge an electric vehicle by scanning a code anywhere in the province” with the app; and request companies operating public charging piles and operators of battery charging/swapping stations to connect their piles/stations to the provincial platform to ensure that the access rate exceeds 90 percent by the end of 2021

The full text of the Circular (in Chinese) is available on this page of the website of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers:

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