China China releases management specification for green supply chain in electronics information manufacturing industry

On January 25, 2021, China Electronics Standardization Institute released the “Green supply chain management specification for electronics information manufacturing industry” (draft for comments) and its explanation, and started collecting comments. The deadline for comments is February28, 2021, and some of its contents are as follows.

Scope of application

The standard defines the overall requirements, planning, implementation and management, performance evaluation, continuous improvement for the green supply chain of electronics information equipment manufactures.

It applies to the green supply chain management for electronics information equipment manufacturers and interested parties.

Overall objective

Integrating the concepts of green manufacturing, product life cycle management and producer responsibility extension into the supply chain management system of electronics information manufacturing enterprises. And identifying the green attributes and related risks of the product and each stage in its life cycle. Through effective management of the upstream and downstream parties in the supply chain, as well as the coordinated operation to reduce resource (including energy) consumption, environmental pollution and health hazards to humans at all stages of the life cycle of electronic information products. By improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain, to realize the green and sustainable development of electronics information manufacturers.

Process standardization

The green supply chain management method adopted in this standard is based on the concept of “Plan, Do, Check, Action (PDCA)”, and integrate the concept of green sustainable development into the production and operation activities of company by adopting the process management method. Focusing the overall requirements, through planning, implementation, control, performance evaluation and continuous improvement, establish and improve company’s green supply chain management system to achieve the expected objectives.

In addition, Chapter 6 of this standard specifies the green supply chain management, including green design, green purchasing, green logistics, recycling/treatment and marking, for the electronics information manufacturing industry.

For the original text of the standard, pleased refer to the following URL. (in simplified Chinese)

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