China China issues guideline on hazard identification, risk assessment and control measure plan

On November 26, 2020, the China Occupational Safety and Health Association released a group standard- “Hazard identification, risk assessment and plan of control measures -Guidance”. The standards will come into force on December 1, 2020. The guideline set out occupational safety risk management for employers, and the outline is as follows.

  • Term definition
  • Hazard
  • Sources that may cause injury, health damage, property damage or other damages.
  • Hazard identification
  • Hazard classification
  • In the Appendix A.2, there are examples of hazard classification. The following are part of them.
Classification of unsafe behaviors in machining
Classification No. Classification item
01 Methods and operations do not follow the rules.
011 Using machinery, devices and others in undefined methods.
012 Using defective machinery, devices, tools and etc.
  • Identification methods
  • Identify the hazard according to work content. Appendix A.4 provides the examples of the identifications. The following are part of them.
Hazard identification of turning operation in a factory
Operation content Hazard Possible situations
Workplace inspection and cleaning The work site is messy or oily, without cleaning Injury due to a fall
Clamping workpiece Workpiece is not clamped firmly The processed products fly out and caused injuries.
No protective measures were taken when clamping large workpieces Bruise

The guideline also specifies the specific measures for risk assessment and management.

For the full text of the guideline, please refer to the following URL. (in simplified Chinese)


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