China Beijing, China releases standard “Technical specification for treatment of industrial brine”

On December 24, 2020, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Regulation and Administration released a recommended standard “Technical specification for treatment of industrial brine” (DB11/T 1766-2020). The standard will come in force on April 1, 2021, and the outline of it is as follows.

  • Application scope
    • This standard specifies the basic regulations, technical requirements, piping design, anti-corrosion methods, material selection, testing and monitoring technical requirements for industrial brine treatment.
    • It applies to industrial brine treatment.
  • Term definition
    • Industrial brine
    • Water that produced in the industrial process, or concentrated by nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and other devices with total dissolved solids more than 6000mg/L.
  • Basic regulations (partially)
    • Industrial waste water with salt content greater than 1600 mg/L, and less than 6000 mg/L should be desalinated.
    • Industrial brine is suggested to be treated with “zero liquid discharge” technology.
    • “zero liquid discharge” in this standard is defined as “reuse the industrial brine after treated by using membrane separation, concentration, evaporative crystallization, drying and other techniques, and without discharge to the outside.
    • Wastewater discharged to the outside should meet the related requirements of the Beijing Local Standard “Integrated discharge standard of water pollutants” (DB 11/307).

The standard also specifies technical requirements for gas flotation method, biochemical process, activated carbon observation, medium filtration, concentration, sludge treatment and disposal and etc.

For the notification of the standard, you can refer to the following URL. (in simplified Chinese)
*By the end of January, 2021, the full text of the standard still cannot be viewed on the official government website.

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