China China revises the List of Prohibited Products for Processing Trade

China’s Ministry of Commerce and State Taxation Administration announced the revision of the List of Prohibited Products for Processing Trade on November 5, 2020. The revised list will come into effect on December 1, 2020.

The revision removed a total of 199 items from the list: products that conform to the national industrial policy with high technology rather than high energy consumption and high pollution. In addition, for 37 commodities, the prohibited method was adjusted. Some examples are listed below.

  • Products removed from the list (part only)
Product Code Product Name
2836200000 Sodium carbonate
2836300000 Sodium hydrogen carbonate
3102100001 Urea
3102100090 Urea
3102500000 Sodium Nitrate
3104300000 Potassium Sulfate
3206111000 Titanium White
8506101110 Button-type mercury-free alkaline manganese primary batteries and primary battery packs
3105200001 Chemical or mineral fertilizer
3105200090 Chemical or mineral fertilizer
  • Products with adjustments to the prohibited method (part only)
Product Code Product Name Prohibited methods before the amendment Prohibited methods after the amendment
2207100000 Undenatured ethyl alcohol with an alcohol concentration of 80 or more Import and Export Prohibition 1. Import prohibition

2. Note “except for use in medical supplies” after the name of the product

2207200010 Modified ethyl alcohol of all concentrations Import and Export Prohibition Note “except for use in medical supplies” after the product name
2530909910 Waste magnesia bricks Export Prohibition Import Prohibition

The full text can be viewed at the following URL (simplified Chinese)

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