China China submits WTO/TBT notifications on Administrative Measures for Cosmetic Labelling

China submits WTO/TBT notifications on Administrative Measures for Cosmetic Labelling

On 13 November, 2020, China’s National Medical Products Administration submitted WTO/TBT notifications on Administrative Measures for Cosmetic Labelling (Draft for Comments). This Administrative Measures was enacted in accordance with laws and regulations such as the “Regulation on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetic” released on June 29, 2020.The comment period for the drafts is 60 days from the notification date. The publication and effective dates have not been set at this writing.


Labeling of cosmetics manufactured and operated in the People’s Republic of China

Definition for cosmetic labeling

The term “cosmetic labeling” refers to the product packaging containers, packaging boxes, instructions attached to the product, as well as text, symbols, numbers, graphics attached to packaging containers, packaging boxes and instructions used to identify the description of the product’s basic information, attribute characteristics and safety warnings.

Labeling of imported cosmetics

Imported cosmetics can use Chinese labels directly. Also, Chinese labels can be added after original labels. When adding Chinese labels, the content of the product’s safety and efficacy claims must be consistent with the relevant content of the original label.

Labeling issues

Cosmetic labeling should include the following:

  1. Product name, registration certificate number of special cosmetic.
  2. The registrant or notifier’s name and address. If the registrant or notifier is an overseas enterprise, the name and address of the person in charge in mainland China shall also be stated.
  3. The manufacturer’s name and address. For Chinese cosmetics, the manufacturer’s manufacturing license number shall also be indicated.
  4. Standard number of the product implemented.
  5. Ingredients of the cosmetic.
  6. Net content.
  7. Duration of use.
  8. Methods of use.
  9. Safety warning.
  10. Other content stipulated in the laws, administrative regulations and compulsory national standards

If cosmetic with packaging box, the packaging that touches the contents shall be marked at least (1), (7).

In addition, the Administrative Measures also stipulates labeling requirements for the labeling issues such as cosmetics name, ingredients of the cosmetic, public notice of the basis for the claimed efficacy, and what is prohibited to be labeled.

Draft of WTO/TBT notification (in Chinese)

WTO/TBT notification (in English)

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