China China Released GB “Guidelines for Enterprises to Develop Emergency Response Plan for Work Place Accidents”

China Standardization Administration released “Guidelines for enterprises to develop emergency response plan for work place accidents” GB/T 29639-2020 on September 29, 2020. This standard is a revision of the 2013 edition. It is a recommended standard and will go into effect on April 1, 2021. When the new standard goes into effect, GB/T 29639-2013 will be abolished simultaneously.


Compared with the 2013 edition, the main changes made in this standard are as follows.

1.Technical terms and definitions have been improved.
For the 2020 edition, the technical terms and definitions of “Emergency Preparedness” and “Emergency Assistance” in the 2013 edition were deleted, and “Emergency Response Plan Assessment” was added.

2.The procedure of emergency response plan has been subdivided.
While the 2013 edition defined a six-step for the procedure of emergency response plan, the 2020 edition is subdivided into eight steps, with the addition of emergency resource survey and desktop reasoning. In other words, the enterprise should follow the eight steps: develop emergency response plan, organize emergency response plan team, collect data, assess risk, emergency resource survey, make emergency response plan, desk reasoning, review and approval emergency response plan.

3.The contents of the emergency resource survey
In the 2020 edition, the “Emergency Capability Assessment” set forth in the 2013 edition was revised to “Emergency Resource Survey”. In the event of an emergency incident, an emergency mechanism should be established for joint defense and control, which has an effective combination of emergency resources inside and outside of the enterprise.

※An emergency resource survey means to find out in advance what emergency measures can be used in the event of an emergency accident.

4.The requirement of emergency response plan has been subdivided.
The 2020 version further clarified the content of the emergency response plan, emphasizing the simplification, diagramming and processing of the emergency response plan.

5.Desk reasoning is newly added.
The 2020 version added desk reasoning before the emergency response plan review and stipulates that the feasibility of the emergency response plan shall be verified according to the “Fundamental specification for emergency exercises of work safety accidents” (AQ/T 9007-2019).


The full text of “Guidelines for enterprises to develop emergency response plan for work place accidents” GB/T 29639-2020 can be found from the link below. Furthermore, you may not be able to access or download this link from Japan.

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