China China releases first catalogue of outdated processes and equipment for hazardous chemical production to be banned or restricted

On September 27, 2020, the Ministry of Emergency Management of China released the first Catalogue of Abolished Outdated Processes and Equipment for Safe Production of Hazardous Chemicals. The public notice period was 10 working days and comments were received until 5:00 p.m. on October 16 China time. The catalogue includes four old production processes and eight types of old equipment subject to restriction or prohibition. The important types of processes and equipment are as follows.


Outdated safe production processes
Process name Restricted or prohibited Scope of restriction Alternatives Legal basis
Chlorine liquefaction process using ammonia-chilled brine Restricted Necessary modifications to equipment should be completed within two years. Environmentally friendly refrigerants Article 35 of the Safe Production Act
Direct fire heating process for coating resin production Prohibited “Abolition” category in the Guidance List for  Industrial Structure Adjustment (2019 edition)


Outdated equipment
Equipment name Restricted or prohibited Scope of restriction Alternatives Legal basis
Open centrifuges Restricted Flammable and toxic component materials are prohibited. Hermetic centrifuges Article 35 of the Safe Production Act
Hoses for liquid hydrocarbons, liquid chlorine and liquid ammonia piping Prohibited Metal hoses used in wharves and hoses used for electronic-grade products are excluded from the prohibition. Metal pressure piping or universal filling systems Fire Prevention Code of Petrochemical Enterprise Design (GB 50160-2008; 2018 edition)


The original text of the above catalogue can be viewed at this link (in Simplified Chinese):


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