Vietnam Vietnam announces 10-year plan to solve soil contamination

Vietnam announces 10-year plan to solve soil contamination

On December 28, 2021, the Government of Vietnam promulgated Decision No.2215/QD-TTg regarding the National Action Plan on Overcoming the Post-war Consequences of Toxic Chemicals/Dioxin in Vietnam for the 2021-2030 Period (hereinafter referred to as this Decision). The original text of this Decision can be downloaded from the following URL.


Main goals

The goals under this Decision are as follows.

  • Complete the treatment of dioxin contaminated areas that have been identified as problematic.
  • Manage the impact and risk of toxic chemicals/dioxin on human health to avoid additional victims.
  • Identify the victims of toxic chemicals/dioxin, resolve their difficulties, and help them reintegrate into their communities.
  • Develop the capacity to effectively assess, process, analyze, and manage remediation activities related to post-war toxic chemicals/dioxin contamination.

Missions and measures

Specific measures to achieve the above goals are as follows.

  • Review, develop, and complete the legal documents, regulations, and standards necessary to resolve the impact of toxic chemicals/dioxin.
  • Conduct promotional activities to raise public awareness of toxic chemicals/dioxin remediation work in Vietnam.
  • Accelerate the systematization of toxic chemicals/dioxin treatment to facilitate the management of exposure risk and prevention of increased victimization.
  • Ensure the implementation of systems and policies for victims of toxic chemicals/dioxin.
  • Strengthen national management, capacity building, and scientific and technological research to overcome the impact of toxic chemicals/dioxin.
  • Socialize toxic chemicals/dioxin remediation work through enhanced international cooperation.

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