Vietnam Draft standard on safety requirements for LPG containers in Vietnam

In March 2020, Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) released a “Draft of Technical Standard (QCVN) on safety requirements for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) containers to collect public comments. The draft covers the design, manufacture, import, distribution, use, repair, inspection, testing and verification for stationary LPG containers, which volume is less than or 0.15 m3

The original text of the proposed draft of technical standard can be downloaded from:

The draft technical standard is structured as follows:

  1. General provisions
    • 1.1 Scope of application
    • 1.2 Eligibility
    • 1.3 Definition of terms
    • 1.4 Reference Standards
  2. Technical provisions
    • 2.1 Classification of LPG containers
    • 2.2 General requirements
    • 2.3 Design and manufacture of LPG containers
    • 2.4 Installation
    • 2.5 Foundations
    • 2.6 Electrical safety
    • 2.7 Fire prevention and extinguishing
    • 2.8 Operation
    • 2.9 Maintenance
    • 2.10 Inspection and Testing
    • 2.11 Verification
  3. Management provisions
  4. Responsivity of organizations and individuals
  5. Implementation guidelines

Specific details of safety management of LPG containers are stipulated in “2. Technical provisions”. Prior to the start of operation and use of LPG containers, it will be mandatory to make declaration for conformity of any provisions set forth in this Technical Standard.

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