*Taiwan Taiwan revises Green Mark standard “Products Made from Recycled Plastic or Rubber”

Taiwan revises Green Mark standard “Products Made from Recycled Plastic or Rubber”

On April 1, 2022, the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan of Taiwan released the revised version of Green Mark standard “Products Made from Recycled Plastic or Rubber”. The name of the standard was changed from “Recycled Plastic or Rubber” to “Products Made from Recycled Plastic or Rubber”. This standard applies to products which are entirely made of/from recycled plastics or rubber. In this revision, newly added hazard information codes “H304、H305、H314、H315、H318、H400、H401、H410” of GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) are added into the substances whose use is prohibited in products. And a provision that the “Green Mark” graphic shall be clearly marked on the product or packaging has also been added in the revision.

Prohibited substances

The GHS hazard information codes of substances whose use is prohibited in products are as follows.


The Green Mark System of Taiwan

Green Mark System is a system that encourages companies to reduce pollution and conserve resources during the product life cycle, from raw material procurement, product manufacturing, sales, use to disposal, and also encourages consumers to select and buy resource-saving, low-polluting and recyclable products. Companies can voluntarily submit an application if specified requirements in the Green Mark standard of related product have been met. After passing the verification and obtaining the Green Mark usage certificate, the company can label the Green Mark on its products. Products with Green Mark are not only eligible for preferential recycling fees in Taiwan, but also for preferential procurement by the government.


For the original text of the revised version of the standard, please refer to the following ORL (in Traditional Chinese).

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