*Taiwan Taiwan EPA announced list of electrical and electronic devices subject to recycling fees regulations

Taiwan EPA announced list of electrical and electronic devices subject to recycling fees regulations

On February 24, 2022, the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration announced supplementary provisions based on Section 11 of the advance notice of “Scope of Goods or their Packaging Containers and Businesses Responsible for their Collection, Removal, and Disposal.” The supplementary provisions are accompanied by a list of items subject to various obligations based on the provisions of the “Waste Disposal Act” and its subordinate laws. For example, a business that manufactures or imports a listed product must, as a “responsible business operator,” pay the prescribed “collection and removal processing fee” (recycling fee) to the account designated by the local authority. In addition, the “Commodity Classification Code” (CCC Code) (identical to the HS Code up to the sixth digit) is added to the list, and this code can be used to confirm whether or not the company’s products are eligible. The above provisions will come into effect on March 1, 2022.

Example of list of eligible items

The list of eligible items attached to the supplementary provisions includes various container products, electrical and electronic devices, information devices, and lighting fixtures, along with their “Commodity Classification Code” (CCC Code). Manufacturers and importers of eligible goods can refer to the list to determine whether the goods they have manufactured or imported are eligible. The following is an example of the items in the list.


Commodity Classification Code

Product Name

Electrical and electronic devices 8414.51.00.00-2 Fans for tabletops, floors, walls, windows, ceilings or roofs (provided they have an electric motor with an output of 125 W or less)
8414.59.90.00-5 Other fans.
Information devices 8443.31.00.00-2 A machine that can be connected to an automated data processing machine or a network and has two or more of the following functions: printing, copying, or facsimile transmission.
8471.70.10.10-5 HDD (Hard Disk Drives)
8471.70.90.00-0 Other storage devices


The above list can be viewed at the following URL (in Traditional Chinese).

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