*Taiwan Taiwan raises energy efficiency criteria of washing machine

Taiwan raises energy efficiency criteria of washing machine

On May 28, 2021, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs released the revision of “Energy label energy efficiency criteria and labeling methods” for washing machine which is selected as energy label product. Different with energy efficiency label, energy label is a voluntary system that manufactures can voluntarily apply for. As of 2021 August, there are 51 product categories which have been included in the Energy Label program, such as electric fans and printers. After examination, products which meet the energy efficiency criteria are allowed to be affixed with energy labels. The main amendments of this time are as follows.


The raise of energy efficiency criteria

The energy efficiency criteria have been raised as follows.


Measured value of energy consumption of washing 1kg clotheskWh/kg


Top load washing machine



Front load washing machine




In addition, the regulation stipulates that the name and address of energy labeled manufactures should be displayed on the labeled products and packaging, and the energy efficiency value should be displayed in the product specifications (No change for the above contents).


For the original text of the revision, please refer to the following URL (in traditional Chinese).

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