*Taiwan Taiwan released materials of “Chemical Registration and Joint Registration Forum”

Taiwan released materials of “Chemical Registration and Joint Registration Forum”

In April 2021, the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration held the “Chemical Registration and Joint Registration Forum” and released the materials of the forum later on its website. At the forum, an overview of the chemical substance registration system was given, as well as the explanation of the joint registration system for the standard registration of existing chemical substances, and the current registration status of them. The outline of the forum is as follows.

Legal basis for joint registration of existing chemical substance standard registration

Article 17 of the “Regulations of New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration” stipulates as follows.

The registrants, who intend to register the same existing chemical substance jointly, earlier or later to each other, may apply for joint use the information required for registration under agreement.

Current status of standard registration

The status of registration as of April 9, 2021 is as follows.

  • In preparation for submitting documents: 52 items
  • Under review: 21 items
  • Standard registration completed: 20 items
  • Of the above completed items, 19 are individually registered and 1 is jointly registered.

The following are the specific names of chemical substances for which standard registrations have been made.

  • Sulfuric acid, acrylic acid, toluene, 4,4′-diaminodiphenyl ether, zinc oxide, carbon black, diethylene glycol, methacrylic acid, 1-propanol, methylcyclohexane.

Registration procedures

  • Log in to the chemical substance registration platform

(https://tcscachemreg.epa.gov.tw/Epareg/content/masterpage/index.aspx) and select “Chemical Substance Joint Registration Communication Platform (Chinese: 化學物質共同登録通訊平臺)”.

  • Select “I wish to participate”(Chinese:有意願參與) from the pull-down menu under “Intention to share materials” (Chinese: 資料共享意願) to state intentions.
  • Contact with the registrant after confirming the same substance standard registration is required, and conduct the joint registration in the platform.


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