*Taiwan Taiwan released revised “Toxic and concerned chemical substances control act fee collection standards”

Taiwan released revised “Toxic and concerned chemical substances control act fee collection standards”

On April 7, 2021, Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration released the revised “Toxic and concerned chemical substances control act fee collection standard”. The revised law will take effect on April 7, 2021. The main revisions are as follows.

Revision in accordance with the revision of the “Permit registration and approval regulations for toxic and concerned chemical substances”

According to “Permit Registration and Approval Regulations for Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances” revised in January 2020, the following articles have been added to reflect the change from the “one certificate per substance” system to the “multiple substances per certificate” system.

When the competent authority of each level receives a batch application for handling permit, registration document or authorization document, it shall collect the examination fee according to the highest fee.

Revision of various fees

Various fees have been revised as shown in the table below (Unit: New Taiwan Dollars [1 NT$ ≈3.8 yen]).

Application items Handling permit Registration document Authorization document Application for removal of restrictions or prohibitions on class 1 to 3 toxic chemical substance
New application 3600 (per substance) 2400(per substance) 1200(per substance) 24000(per substance)
Extension 1800 1200 600
Change items Addition of  storage locations 1000 400
Addition of the component content of the original substance 1000(per substance) 700(per substance) 400(per substance)
Addition of other substances 3600(per substance) 2400(per substance) 1200(per substance)
Others (no charge for changes to basic data on handlers, handling locations, etc.) 1000 700 400


Application Items Existing chemical substances New chemical substances
Stage 1 registration 100
Standard registration General Cases 50000 50000
Application for specified items with specific materials. ※ 37000 37000
Simple registration 20000
Small quantity registration 2000
Extension Standard registration 2000
Simple registration 1000
Small quantity registration 1000
Pre-screening of low concern polymers 1000
Confidentiality of materials 12500(Per information item) 12500(Per information item)
Extension of confidentiality of materials 10000(Per information item) 10000(Per information item)
  • Designated items refer to skin irritation, corrosiveness, or eye irritation in toxicological information items, and specific materials refer to in vitro tests, structure-activity relationships (QSAR), or lead-across (analogous) materials.

For the original text of the above revised law, please refer to the following URL (in traditional Chinese).


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