Taiwan Taiwan amends standards for industrial waste treatment, industrial waste facilities

Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration on February 22, 2021 announced an amendment to the Methods and Facilities Standards for the Storage, Clearance and Disposal of Industrial Waste, which regulate industrial waste storage, disposal and treatment as well as industrial waste facilities. The main points of the amendment are shown below:

  • Sanitary landfills created after the amendment’s effective date (February 22, 2021) must have a water-impermeable composite layer with specified materials (Article 34).
  • New regulations for Sanitary landfills and closed landfills on environmental monitoring have been introduced, including the following (Article 35 and 39):
    • The water quality must be tested at the upstream and downstream groundwater-monitoring-wells quarterly.
    • The test items must include arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel and zinc.
  • Landfills created after the amendment’s effective date (February 22, 2021) must submit a post-closure restoration plan when applying for industrial waste landfill creation approval or an industrial waste disposal permit. Landfills that have not been closed as of the effective date must submit a post-closure restoration plan within one year from this date (Article 41-3).
  • New regulations on the preservation of environmental monitoring records, registration of the results of the monitoring and publication of information on the monitoring, etc. have been introduced.

The full text of the amended standards (in traditional Chinese) is available at