China China promotes environmentally conscious industry in Yellow River basin

Aims to reduce energy & water consumption, and carbon emissions

China promotes environmentally conscious industry in Yellow River basin

On Dec. 12, 2022, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and Ministry of Water Resources jointly issued “Guiding Opinions” on Promoting the Green Development of Industry in the Yellow River basin. The opinions include policies for intensive water use, low-carbon transformation of energy use, and green transformation of traditional manufacturing in the basin.


Main targets

  • By 2025, make significant progress in the green development of industry, and achieve more efficient structure and placement of industry in the Yellow River basin.
  • In densely populated urban areas, complete the relocation and transformation of hazardous chemical manufacturers, and significantly reduce energy consumption, water consumption and carbon emissions in traditional manufacturing.
  • Further promote industrial wastewater recycling, the comprehensive utilization of solid waste, clean production, and digitalization of industry; promote green and low-carbon technology and equipment; and promote green manufacturing comprehensively.

Author / Responsibility

LIU Yake

Researcher, Research & Consulting Dept. EnviX Ltd.

Business Performance

worked as a research assistant at Department of Environmental Planning and Management, School of Environment, Tsinghua University for 4 years, and then joint in Envix in April, 2022, currently is mainly responsible for consulting on EHS regulation compliance in East Asia.


MA, Environmental Econimics, Hiroshima University