China China to revise hazardous chemical business licensing system

A business license would be no longer required for household and medical chemicals

China to revise hazardous chemical business licensing system

According to a public message of China’s Ministry of Emergency Management released April 29, 2022 (an official answer to a question from the public), the Measures on the Hazardous Chemical Business License is undergoing a revision process. The revised measures would no longer require businesses to obtain a hazardous chemical business license for household chemicals (e.g., those in perfumes and sprays) and medical chemicals. The ministry’s previous message also suggests that the license might no longer be needed to use medical devises. It is unclear if hazardous chemical registration would still be required for these chemicals after the revision.

Supplementary information

China adopts a registration system and a business licensing system for hazardous chemicals. Manufacturers and exporters must register their hazardous chemicals. Registered substances are added to China’s List of Hazardous Chemicals. Companies handling hazardous chemicals on the list must obtain a hazardous chemical business license. At present, 2,828 hazardous chemicals, including everyday and medical chemicals, are listed on it.

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