China China announces 2022 plan for strengthening quality and safety inspection of hazardous chemicals

China announces 2022 plan for strengthening quality and safety inspection of hazardous chemicals

On March 16, 2022, the State Administration for Market Regulation of China released the “2022 action plan for key industrial products quality and safety inspection”. According to the plan, manufactures of hazardous chemicals, hazardous chemical packaging, battery and other 7 products will be the key inspection targets in 2022. In addition, the plan also stipulates 10 detailed measures including the self-inspection of manufactures, risk and hidden risk identification, strengthening risk monitoring, and strengthening the random inspection and punishment.

Main contents of the plan

  • Key target products: 10 products including hazardous chemicals, packaging of hazardous chemical, vehicle atmospheric pressure tank, concrete iron, cement, wire and cable, gas appliance, fireworks, bicycle, charger of electric bicycle and battery.
  • Key fields: manufactures clusters, quality problems prone areas, weak places such as areas between urban and rural, rural market and sales stores, and manufactures with quality and safety accidents before.
  • Key problems: In the production focusing on problems such as unlicensed production, production exceeding permission, delivery without inspection or without complete inspection records, and cheating on labor and materials. In the logistics focusing on problems such as unlicensed sales, products without consistency, inferior in quality, or without meeting national standards.

Main measures

  • Self-inspection of manufactures: Urging manufactures to carry out self-inspection of product quality and risk.
  • Identification of hidden risk: Carrying out on-site inspection of manufactures of the above-mentioned 10 key target products.
  • Strengthening risk monitoring: Establishing risk information collecting network to strengthen information analysis and feedback management.
  • Strengthening random inspection: Adding these 10 key target products into the key monitoring list, and increasing the frequency of random inspection.
  • Strengthening the publishment based on the results of random inspection: Strengthening the responsibility, warning and crackdowns of manufactures that failing random inspections.
  • Promoting the connection with judicial authority: Transferring enterprises that was found illegal activities in quality and safety inspection to the judicial authority.
  • Providing technical support: Market regulation departments at all levels should focus on key regions, key industries, key products and key issues and provide technical support of quality.
  • Implementing classified management: Collecting manufactures information such as risk, development status, industry, and then classifying manufactures based on their risk levels and implementing differentiated management and supervision.
  • Strengthening the social governance: Strengthening the supervision and claim management by public, industry groups and media.
  • Building a long-term mechanism: Building a long-term mechanism by learning from the past experience and exploring new management measures.


For the original text of the above plan, please refer to the following URL (in simplified Chinese).

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