China Hunan, China releases the plan for implementation of “The Yangtze River Protection Law”

On February 15, 2022, the People’s Government of Hunan Province released the “Plan for the implementation of ‘The Yangtze River Protection Law’ in Hunan Province”, and clarified relevant measures to implement the law. One year after the implementation of the “The Yangtze River Protection Law”, local governments are implementing activities to evaluate the implementation status and effects. In the plan, it addresses the development of relevant policies and standard systems, promotion of chemical industry pollution control measures, and promotion of green development. In addition, it also mentions strengthening the control of hazardous chemicals transportation.

Development of relevant policies and standard systems

According to the plan, a series of policies such as “Implementation plan of Yangtze River economic belt development in the ‘14th Five-Year-Plan’ of Hunan province”, “General plan of land and space of Hunan province”, and “Plan of water resources allocation and supply in the ‘14th Five-Year-Plan’ of Hunan province” are being planned. Moreover, for specific industries or pollutants without national water pollutant emission standards, or for the water pollution sources and water pollutants that are clearly regulated by the country, the local water pollutant emission standards will be formulated as soon as possible.

Promotion of chemical industry pollution control

Strictly implement provisions prohibiting the dumping, landfill, stacking, discarding and disposal of solid waste in the control area of the Yangtze River basin. Strengthen the control of the hazardous chemical transportation, strictly implement provisions prohibiting the water transportation of highly toxic chemicals, and the inland water transportation of other hazardous chemicals prohibited by the state. Promote the relocation and transformation of chemical enterprises within 1km of the main stream of “One river, one lake and four water”, and fully complete the relocation and transformation by the end of 2025.

※One river, one lake and four water: One river (Yangtze River), one lake (Dongting Lake), four water (Xiangjiang River, Zijiang River, Yuanshui River, Lishui River).

Promotion of green development

Promote the upgrading and transportation of industries such as steel, petroleum, chemical, nonferrous metal and etc. Promote the implementation of clean production transformation in enterprises such as papermaking, leather making, electroplate, printing and dyeing, API manufacturing, and strengthen the clean production audit at the same time. Promote the water-saving technological transformation in key industries and enterprises. Promote the recycling transformation of the industrial parks and comprehensive construction of green manufacturing system.


For the original text of the above plan, please refer to the following URL (in simplified Chinese).

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