China China releases GB/T “Evaluation of energy performance of motor system”

China releases GB/T “Evaluation of energy performance of motor system”

State Administration of Market Regulation of China released a recommended national standard- “Evaluation of energy performance of motor system (GB/T 41013-2021)” on December 31, 2021. The standard, which stipulates evaluation indicators and procedures for the energy performance of motor systems, will come into effect on July 1, 2022. The main contents of the standard are as follows

Application scope

The standard specifies the evaluation rating and evaluation procedure for the energy performance of motor systems. It applies to the evaluation of the energy performance of a motor system consisting of a small to medium-sized motor (1000 kW or less), a single drive unit (pump, fan, air compressor) and its control unit, drive unit, and piping network. Other complex motor systems and motor system facilities can also use the standard as a reference.

Energy performance rating

The energy performance of motor systems is classified into 3 levels. The highest grade is level-1, which is the top-runner grade. The total energy performance evaluation score of the motor system for each level shall not be less than the value specified in the table below.

Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Total score 90<S≤100 75<S≤90 60<S≤75
Note: S refers to the total score.

If the total score of the energy performance of the motor system is less than or equal to 60 points, energy conservation measures should be taken immediately to improve the energy performance of the system.


Indicator system and evaluation method

Regarding the index system and evaluation method for the total energy performance score of the motor system, please refer to the table below.

1st level index 2nd level index 3rd level index

(Total 40 points)


(Total 15 points)

Energy Level
Harmonic Control
Power factor
Drive equipment (total 15 points) Energy Level
Control unit

(Total 5 points)

Control technology
Plumbing network

(Total 5 points)

Piping Network Management Scheduling
Intellectualization of piping network
System design (total 10 points) Design-level optimization

(Total 10 points)

Energy performance monitoring (total 10 points) Measurement and statistics (total 5 points)
Online monitoring (total 2 points)
Energy performance monitoring (total 3 points)
Operation control

(total 10 points)

Economic operation (total 8 points) Evaluation implementation
Evaluation Results
Control optimization (total 2 points)
Energy-saving modifications

(total 10 points)

Technology modification (total 5 points)
Effectiveness evaluation (total 5 score)
Management measures

(Total 20 points)

Management system (total 5 points)
Personnel capacity (total 5 points)
Maintenance (total 5 points)
Energy saving operation (total 5 points)


The outline of the above standard can be viewed at the following URL (in simplified Chinese).

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