China China adds 255 substances to chemicals inventory

China adds 255 substances to chemicals inventory

On June 17, 2021, China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) published on its website a list of 255 substances that have been added to the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China (IECSC; 中国现有化学物质名录).

The newly added chemicals, including 8,10-Dodecadien-1-ol (CAS Number 57002-06-9), are those registered under the Ministry of Environmental Protection Order No. 17. They have been added to the IECSC in accordance with the Measures on the Environmental Management and Registration of New Chemical Substances (MEE Order No. 12; 新化学物质环境管理登记办法) and a relevant explanatory document (MEE Announcement No. 51 of 2020).

As existing chemicals, the substances now don’t need to be registered as new chemicals for production and import.

Most of the newly added substances have Chinese and English names and a CAS Number, but 54 of them lack a CAS Number and are instead given a serial number. None of them are subject to the new use environmental management unlike those added to the IECSC in last round.


The list of chemicals added (in simplified Chinese) is available at

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