China China issues revised rules for emergency response plans

China issues revised rules for emergency response plans

On Feb. 7, 2024, China’s State Counsil issued revised Measures on Emergency Response Plans, which came into effect immediately, replacing the 2013 version. These measures classify emergency response plans into two categories: plans prepared by the government or government departments, and plans by businesses, other entities and grassroots organizations. The measures cover the planning, authoring, review and approval, publication, notification, education, publicity, training, evaluation, revision, etc. of emergency response plans.

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LIU Yake

Researcher, Research & Consulting Dept. EnviX Ltd.

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worked as a research assistant at Department of Environmental Planning and Management, School of Environment, Tsinghua University for 4 years, and then joint in Envix in April, 2022, currently is mainly responsible for consulting on EHS regulation compliance in East Asia.


MA, Environmental Econimics, Hiroshima University