Singapore Singapore publishes three regulations on collection and recycling of e-waste

On June 29, 2021, Singapore published three regulations based on the Resource Sustainability Act (RSA). All of them are related to the collection and recycling of e-waste and came into effect on July 1, 2021. The titles and original texts of three regulations are as follows:

  1. Resource Sustainability (E‑waste Recyclers) Regulations 2021
  2. Resource Sustainability (In‑store Collection of E‑waste) Regulations 2021
  3. Resource Sustainability (Prescribed Regulated Products) (Amendment) Regulations 2021


Resource Sustainability (E‑waste Recyclers) Regulations 2021

The regulations set out various requirements for e-waste recyclers. For the five types of products (batteries, ICT equipment, large appliances, solar photovoltaic panels, and specified single-phased lamps) stipulated in Part 1 of the Second Schedule of these regulations, the following material recovery targets must be adhered to when recycling them.

Regulated product Material recovery target
Batteries 50%
ICT equipment 70%
Large appliances 80%
Solar photovoltaic panels 70%
Specified single-phased lamps 80%

In addition to this, the regulations also include data erasure. Recyclers who receive e-waste are required to permanently erase or destroy the data stored in the e-waste before reusing, recycling, disposing, or transferring the e-waste out of the facility. Violation of this regulation will result in a fine of up to S$10,000. Furthermore, recyclers must keep relevant records for five years to prove that they have complied with the requirements stipulated in these regulations.


Resource Sustainability (In‑store Collection of E‑waste) Regulations 2021

The regulations provide for the collection of e-waste in retail outlets. Large retailers are required to provide collection boxes or a manned collection service at their premises. The collection boxes must be provided by an authorized operator (currently ALBA) based on Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) under the RSA, or must be of the same design and specifications as the said boxes. These requirements for in-store collection of e-waste cover small electrical and electronic equipment (printers, mobile phones, PCs, modems and the others), portable batteries, and consumer lamps, but not large appliances.


Resource Sustainability (Prescribed Regulated Products) (Amendment) Regulations 2021

The regulations replace the First Schedule of the “Resource Sustainability (Prescribed Regulated Products) Regulations, 2019”. The supply thresholds of products that require producers to join the PRS are tightened for some products. For example, for modems, the previous threshold was 10 tons, but this revision has tightened it to 200 kg. This means that producers who would not have been subject to the PRS under the previous regulations may now be subject to the PRS as the result of these tightened thresholds.


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