Pakistan Pakistan enacts National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act

Promoting energy-saving measures such as improving power generation efficiency, developing energy-saving labeling and building standards, and introducing green procurement

Pakistan enacts National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act

In Pakistan, the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act, 2016 received the assent of the President on June 28, 2016, against the background of increasing importance of improving energy efficiency and energy conservation. The Act, promulgated on July 1, 2016, provides a legal basis for the Ministry of Water and Power, in coordination with local authorities, to enforce necessary measures to achieve efficient use and conservation of energy. In addition, the Ministry of Water and Power is taking the following specific measures to promote energy conservation.


Streamlining power generation: Activate the most efficient power plants full time and the others to meet the peak demand.

Rational use of electricity: Guidelines for the rational use of electricity have been developed and published.

Labeling system: On May 26, 2016, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology and several manufacturers, the Ministry of Water and Power announced the first energy-saving labeling system in Pakistan. Under this system, nearly 100,000 electric fans that have awarded three stars in the Pakistan Energy Label will be launched in the market.

Promoting energy-saving products: In order to lower the price of LED lighting, a proposal for tax exemption on imports of LED lighting (bulbs and others) has been approved in the 2016 Finance Act. In order to ensure equivalent conditions for domestic companies engaging in LED assembly, the law also allows tax exemptions for the import of LED components.

Green procurement program: In order to launch a system of green public procurement, the process to revise bidding documents in coordination with the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform is underway.

Implementation of building code and energy audits: The National Energy Conservation Centre (ENERCON), in collaboration with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and the Ministry of Housing and Works, developed and promulgated building code for green construction in 2014. The implementation of energy audits for 26 industries and buildings was announced. Audits are conducted by certified auditing companies.

Awareness-raising activities: Chambers of Commerce and Industry and companies throughout Pakistan are conducting awareness-raising activities on energy conservation, and the Ministry of Water and Power is also conducting energy conservation campaigns through various media.


The original text of the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act, 2016 is available at the following URL (in English).

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