*Taiwan Taiwan released “Work Manual for Controlled Chemicals Permit Application”

Taiwan released “Work Manual for Controlled Chemicals Permit Application”

On June 16, 2022, the Ministry of Labor of Taiwan released the “Work Manual for Controlled Chemicals Permit Application”. The term "Controlled Chemicals" refers to chemical substances that cannot be manufactured, imported, or supplied without permission from the Ministry of Labor as a central competent authority. According to Appendix Table 1 of the "Regulations Governing Designation and Handling Permission of Controlled Chemicals" enacted under the “Occupational Safety and Health Law”, a total of 21 types of "Controlled Chemicals" are designated. Before handling any of the "Controlled Chemicals", it is necessary to apply for a permit from the Ministry of Labor. The manual released this time explains the procedures of the application and how to fill out the application form. In the case that a company does not follow the above regulations and handles "Controlled Chemicals" without a permit, it will be fined a minimum of NTD 200,000 (approximately USD 6720) or NTD 2,000,000 (approximately USD 67200).

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