*Taiwan Taiwan released MEPS for rotodynamic water pumps

On December 2, 2021, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) issued a public notice “Requirements on Minimum Energy Performance Standard, Energy Efficiency Rating Labeling and Inspection for Rotodynamic Water Pump” which sets forth the minimum energy efficiency standards (MEPS) for rotodynamic water pumps. The announcement will take effect on January 1, 2023. The outline of the public notice is as follows.

Applicable scope

Three-phase motor-driven rotodynamic water pump with a rated frequency of 60Hz, a rated output of 0.75kW (1HP) to 200kW (270HP), a flow rate of 6m3/h or more, a head of 140m or less, and a nominal rotational speed of 3600rpm (2-pole) and 1800rpm (4-pole).

Two types, non-integrated motor and integrated motor, are included.

MEPS (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard) for rotodynamic water pump

The value calculated based on the following formula is the minimum energy efficiency standard.

ηpump, BEP = 88.59x+13.46y-11.48x2-0.85y2-0.38xy-C

ηpump, PL = 0.947×ηpump, BEP

ηpump, OL = 0.985×ηpump, BEP

x = ln(ns), y=ln(Q100%), Q100%: Volume flow rate at the best efficiency point of the pump (m3/h)

ηpump, BEP : Energy standard at the best efficiency point of the pump’s maximum impeller(%)

ηpump, PL : Energy standard at flow rate of 75% of the pump’s best efficiency point (%)

ηpump, ,OL : Energy standard at flow rate of 110% of the pump’s best efficiency point (%)

The actual measured value of rotodynamic water pump must not be less than the energy standard ηpump, BEP、ηpump, PL、ηpump, OL calculated by the above formula and must be greater than or equal to the value indicated on the product.

Manufacturers and importers of the subject products are required to apply for registration through the designated system. The Appendix 4″Application form for registration of pump minimum energy performance standard ” attached to the public notice is included in submitted materials.


The original text of the above public notice can be viewed at the following URL (in simplified Chinese)

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