*Taiwan Taiwan expands energy label products to include office and business area luminaire

On August 4, 2021, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan announced an expansion of products subjected to energy label for “office and business area luminaire”. According to the ministry, only rated voltage of 110V and 220V were certified for the energy label of luminaire so far, but in consideration of future market demand, from now on, the complete product test report of 110V, 220V and 277V has to be attached when submitting an application.

*According to the minutes of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, luminaire with rated voltage of 277V are products used in special places such as factories.


How to apply for the energy label

Different from the energy efficiency label, the energy label is a voluntary label system that manufactures can apply for.

In the announcement, attachment requirements for selected products when applying for the energy label are stipulated in detail, as follows.

  • For manufactures that have obtained the certificate of using energy label before May 25,2021, when they want to apply for an extension after the certificate expired, the test report excluding lumen maintenance factor for 277V products has to be submitted.
  • For the new application submitted between May 26, 2021 and December 31, 2021, the complete test report of 110V, 220V and 277V should be attached, but with an exception of the test material of lumen maintenance factor due to the test time, and this material can be submitted after obtaining the certificate.
  • For the application submitted after January 1, 2022, the complete test report of 110V, 220V and 277V has to be attached.


For the original text of the announcement, please refer to the following URL (in simplified Chinese).

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