Laos Laos announces a standard for hazardous waste management

Laos announces a standard for hazardous waste management

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Lao PDR established “Decision on the Management, Monitoring, and Inspection of the Treatment and Disposal of Contaminated and Hazardous Waste No. 3649/MONRE” on 3 August 2021 and announced in the official gazette on 18 August 2021. The Decision prescribes principles and measures regarding the management, monitoring, and inspection of the treatment and disposal of wastes contaminated with hazardous substances to ensure that the treatment and disposal comply with the procedures and techniques which minimize the impact on the health of humans and the environment. The Decision has been effective after the announcement in the official gazette.


Responsibilities of the owners of hazardous wastes

The enterprise or organization that owns the hazardous wastes shall collect and store the wastes by conforming to the following:

  • Build the designated storage site that complies with the safety standards;
  • The storage site shall be far from the community area, school, hospital, river source, and food security site of the humans and animals at least 1 km or at the designated site.
  • Place the warning and prohibition signs in the entry-exit of the storage site;
  • Report on the environment of the storage of the contaminated and hazardous waste substances to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the Provincial Level, as well as establish the plan for the treatment and disposal.

The storage shall have specific containers or packaging made of plastic or durable materials and the containers shall be closed by a lid to prevent the evaporation, leakage or spill of the hazardous substances. The container or packages shall have labels and warning signs of information in writing or graphical images that represent hazardous property to attract extra attention in handling. The labels shall be written in Lao and English which is clear, concise and clearly visible.


Responsibilities of the transporters

Those who transport hazardous wastes shall be responsible for safety in transportation and shall comply with the related regulations. An enterprise or organization that transport hazardous wastes shall notify detail information to the District Office of Natural Resources and Environment for acknowledgment by 5-working day before transport.


Responsibilities of the treatment and disposal facilities

The treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes shall be conducted by an authorized service provider. Once the treatment or disposal is completed, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment shall issue a certificate to the administrator of the treatment facility or disposal facility, respectively, and report to the Department of Pollution Control, Monitoring, and Inspection for acknowledgment within 10-working days.


Survey and registration

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is responsible for conducting a survey of hazardous wastes and register the data. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment at the provincial level in collaboration with the related departments and the administrative bodies at the district level performs the survey and registration of the hazardous wastes within its own areas followed by a reporting to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Provincial Administrative Bodies. The Department of Pollution Control, Monitoring and Inspection collect and compile data across the nation to establish treatment and disposal plan of hazardous wastes.


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