Laos Laos regulates lead in paints

Laos regulates lead in paints

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Lao PDR established “Decision on the Control of Lead Element in Paints or Coating Products No. 4566/MONRE” on 23 August 2021 and announced in the official gazette on 2 September 2021. The Decision prescribes the standard and measures on control and monitoring of production and import of paints and coating chemicals which may contain the lead elements. Lead is defined as “lead II acetate” in the decision. This Decision has been effective from 15 days after the announcement in the official gazette.


Responsibility of manufacturers and importers:

The decision sets out a threshold standard value of 90 ppm for lead. Manufacturers and importers of paints or chemical products for coating use shall meet the standard value.

Manufacturers shall have the certification of analysis of lead element issued by the authorized independent laboratory and/or the laboratory which meets with ASTM Standards or ISO certification. The certificate of analysis shall be kept at least for 5 years in order to be the evidence for monitoring of the relevant authorities.

Importers shall also have the certificate of analysis and submit with import plan to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Provincial-Level prior to import. Once the department approves, the documents shall be submitted to the Sector of Industry and Commerce. Importers shall keep the certificate of analysis at least for 5 years as the manufacturers.

In case of the impact caused by the production of paint or coating products that do not meet the standard, the manufacturer shall be responsible for restoration and maintenance of the environment as well as compensation for the damages.

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