South Korea South Korea issues new Guidelines on BPR Laws and Regulations for the Automotive Industry

South Korea issues new Guidelines on BPR Laws and Regulations for the Automotive Industry

On February 23, 2024, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) of South Korea announced that it has prepared and issued Guidelines for Safety Management of Biocidal-Treated Products (Automobiles), which provides detailed explanation on the requirements of the Consumer Chemical Products and Biocides Safety Act (“K-BPR”) for different subgroups of stakeholders in the automotive industry, including automobile manufacturers, automobile parts manufacturers, importers or sellers. The MOE explained that the guidelines, which were already available on MOE’s website of Chemical Products Management System, has been prepared under a government—industry collaboration, namely, collaboration among MOE, Hyundai-Kia, Renault Korea, GM Korea, KG Mobility, and the Automobile Association. It was also added that it is the first time that the BPR system is explained to the automobile industry.

According to MOE, not only automakers but also automobile parts manufacturers and suppliers may be subject to the K-BPR because automobiles use various parts that fall under the category of biocidal products or biocidal treated products, such as leather seats, air conditioner filters, and steering wheels that have been preserved or treated with antimicrobial properties. These guidelines have been prepared for the industry because some grace periods are given to mandatory approval on biocidal products and biocidal treated products, but those in the automotive industry need to understand the actual operation needed under the scheme and be prepared to comply with its provisions before the end of grace period.


The key content of the Guidelines are as follows.

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